It seems that wokism is scaring away students.

The famous Evergreen University in the United States, in the state of Washington, near Seattle, had made the news in 2017. That year, some may remember, it all started with a day that was supposed to put non-whites in the spotlight, as it does every year. In their progressive view, it wasn’t racism – something that is poorly understood, since it is a distinction based solely on skin color.

In 2017, the university, always on the cutting edge of progressivism, decided to replace this day of promoting non-whites with a day of banning white people from campus. One professor had the misfortune to write that there is a difference between supporting a group that needs to be supported and banning another group that does not. Especially on the basis of the melanin level…

What did this professor say! He was as progressive as the rest of the faculty of this university. He was condemned by the progressive students, who had no difficulty in bending the university administration.

The professor was fired with a (large) check, but he still filed a complaint.

The videos of this quasi-public lynching of the professor by students, as well as the cowardice of the university management – in public! – went around the world.

And especially made the tour of the future American students and their families.

The result was clear.

Evergreen University went from 3900 students in 2016 to 1950 in 2022. They lost 50% of their enrollment.

(Of course, the University’s narrative is that the reason for decline is old since it began several years ago; no one has to believe them).

As for the university’s selectivity, it is apparently in free fall – if there is any selection left: 99% of applicants are admitted.

Admission fees are currently on the rise, but will that be enough to save this university? Not sure. Unless a big donor enriched by capitalism refinances this anti-capitalist bastion. Lenin was right when he mocked the bourgeoisie for being ready to sell the rope that would hang them: a century later, they are still ready to sell the rope.

In short, progressivism had already made the employability of some young students unlikely (who wants a multi-tattooed, multi-pierced and multi-vindictive?). Now it is burning its own flagships.

Chronos devoured his children. So does wokism. And it is quite funny to contemplate.