Europe Business Intelligence web site aims at providing quality information ; in order to achieve this goal, it has adopted a ” Journalism ethic code of practice “.

It is not run by professional journalists but by occasional editors who are experts in their areas of expertise.

This “Journalism ethics code of practice” is freely inspired by the ethical rules of journalism, defined by two reference charts, namely the Munich Charter (more precisely the “Declaration of the duties and rights of journalists”), and the “Charter of journalists” written in 1918.

Unlike mass media web sites whose articles are written by professional journalists, Europe Business Intelligence web site has two clearly defined objectives:

1. Provide useful quality information

2. And provide inbound marketing to companies, people, goods or services mentioned in the articles, via hypertext links.


Europe Business Intelligence “Editorial charter”

1. Editors are independent of all powers including political, union, economic, legal, religious and medias

2. Editors refrain from any distortion or censorship of reality for the sole purpose of privileging – or penalizing – a third party and strive to present the facts with rigor and honesty.

3. Editors undertake to apply the French law in force and to respect privacy and the presumption of innocence.

4. Editors strive to produce quality content and refrain from publishing ad-editorial.

5. Editors write their articles exclusively in French or English. Trendy “Inclusive-style writing” is prohibited (in addition to being illegible).

6. Editors are responsible for their articles, including before the law.

7. An article may be modified after publication if current events or circumstances make it necessary. These changes are being alerted to readers.

8. Editors are experts in their area of expertise ; therefore the articles they write can present a bias in the eyes of the reader, a bias related to their experience and personal choices, as well as any journalistic article.

9. Any requests for “Right of reply” must be established in compliance with the French law.

10. Editors must sign their articles under their real name.

11. The President of Absoluz Consulting serves as Editorial Director. As such, he enjoys a discretionary power to accept, refuse or modify an article, the links and the iconography attached to it. He has an obligation to notify the editors of such changes.

12. Anyone wishing to become a writer for Europe Business Intelligence web site must:

• seek authorization from the Editorial Director,

• and must demonstrate skills on the topic one wishes to write about.

• Finally, one must accept this “Journalistic ethic code of practice”.

This authorization may be subject to payment or other compensations (financial or other).