“Gun fight at O.K Corral” is apparently not just a block buster , it is also the atmosphere at the top of Europe.

First act: Joe Biden, new American president, honors with his presence a meeting of the European Council whose president is Charles Michel, a total stranger to the general public, who finally attains the rank of celebrity thanks to his prestigious host. European citizens discover this individual, his function, and for many, this rather discreet European Union management body.

Second act: the now famous Charles Michel and the President of the European Commission, Mrs von der Leyen, are invited to Turkey where they meet the Turkish Head of State, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It is under the eye of the cameras that a major diplomatic incident occurs: the two men sit in the two seats present and Madame von der Leyen, who remained standing and who clears her throat of discontent, is invited to sit on the sofa located next to them. Many found the incident to be more of a mess rather than a diplomatic incident.

Third act: In the following days, we learn that the protocol rules were strictly applied and that the parties involved knew – a priori – what to expect. There was therefore no «casus belli», at most an inconvenient protocol indelicacy of misogyny.

It is a safe bet that there will be many more actions to these European-funded squabbles.



Fighting the global pandemic, the European Union wants to see as many people as possible vaccinated. Today, we have more than 135 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines distributed, with the United Kingdom being the first country with more than 33 million injections. However, other countries choose alternative paths. Hungary is one of the countries with the highest vaccination rates, with 40% vaccinated, but it is the serums of Russia and China that are inoculated to patients, serums not approved by the European Union. In addition, although 26,000 people have died out of 10 million since the outbreak began, President Viktor Orbán has decided to relax health measures by first opening the terraces of cafés and bars, then hotels and restaurants. This approach, far from being in accord with the wishes of the European Union, is not for health purpose but for political purpose. In this way, Viktor Orbán makes clear his opposition to the policies of the European Union and seeks to rally youth to his cause for the nest elections to be held in 2022.



The Spanish are preparing to vote for the Regionals on May 4 and the campaign is quite lively. The left (PSOE + Podemos) faces, in addition to the usual opponent of the PP (Partido Popular), a new party that rises, VOX, classified conservative or extreme-right depending on whether one is in favor or against.

In Albania, the third consecutive victory of the (outgoing) Socialist Party in the general elections.



On 28 April, the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, resigned. It is the result of a major political struggle during the Brexit: Northern Ireland did not want a customs border between it and the island of Great Britain. However, unable to counter it, the Irish supporters of membership in the United Kingdom felt betrayed, which resulted in violent riots at the beginning of April between the Unionists and the Republicans, involving fires and many wounded, particularly among law enforcement. According to the BBC and a survey of Northern and Southern Irish, reunification would be implemented by 2025.



The Americans first announced that they had decided to send dome military ships there. Fifteen days later they declared that “finally, no”. we are clearly in the “finger” game and everyone shows his muscles but is careful not to feel those of the challenger. Let us try to imagine the headlines of the press if the Russian navy decided to cross off the American coast. Shocking, isn’t it? Well, that is what could have happened, but the other way around.



Twelve football clubs achieved the feat of the world’s shortest football league project. In 48h, 6 English, 3 Italian and 3 Spanish clubs decided to create the European super league in which the top 15 clubs will compete. Faced with the outcry of their supporters, Manchester City was the first to abandon the project, closely followed by the other English clubs, 2 Italians and 1 Spanish. This project is currently «suspended for future remodeling» explain the promoters in diplomatic language. This eclipse was not lost for all because the famous brand Heineken, great sponsor of the UEFA, has just released a new slogan, a mocking nothingness: “Don’t drink and start a league, Enjoy Heineken responsibly”.