Author: Olivier Le Brun

State of AMD research in France

France […] is not absent from this research on the different forms of blindness and AMD (dry/wet). An entire ecosystem is working to advance the state of science in the field of AMD, far ahead of other European countries.

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The semi-final of the World Cup was mourned by the tragic and stupid death of a 13 year old boy in Montpellier.
It is a death that could have been avoided. But what would be even more tragic would be if nothing changed and even more tragic and numerous deaths occurred.

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French cosmetics, champions of the world

The dynamism of this sector can be summarized as follows: the French cosmetics sector is the second largest export sector after the aeronautics sector.
French cosmetic companies are helped in their conquest of the world by French history, the beauty of the southern Provence county landscape, (and) by the French capital city, Paris.

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