While the war in Ukraine persists, clashes have just broken out in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital

For several months, Sudan has been the scene of clashes between military and civilian forces, which have led to a humanitarian crisis situation. In this context, France has launched an evacuation operation for its nationals, many of whom work in this East African country. Sudan must not be associated with South Sudan, which became independent twelve years ago.

Crisis in Sudan

On April 23, 2023, the Ministry of the Armed Forces announced that more than 900 French and European nationals had been evacuated from Sudan as part of Operation Sagittaire, conducted by French forces present in the country. This operation was launched in response to the deteriorating security situation in the country, which has been marked by an increase in violence and rising tensions between military and civilian forces.

Indeed, since the October 25, 2022 coup that toppled the civilian transitional government, the political and security situation in Sudan has continued to deteriorate. Peaceful demonstrations following the coup were met with bloody repression, resulting in numerous civilian casualties. Military forces also launched attacks on positions held by rebel groups, leading to an escalation of violence.

Evacuation of the French population

Faced with this crisis situation, France decided to set up an evacuation operation for its nationals. This operation was carried out by the French forces present on the ground, who demonstrated great professionalism and exemplary courage in evacuating the French and Europeans who were in danger.

The responsiveness of France’s Operation Sagittaire in Sudan has many advantages for France. First, it demonstrates France’s commitment to the safety of its citizens abroad, reinforcing its image as a protective and responsible country. Secondly, this operation has strengthened cooperation between France and other European countries, which have also evacuated their nationals as part of this operation. Finally, it highlighted the skills and professionalism of the French forces, who were praised for their work under difficult conditions. These skills could be put to good use in other international operations in the future, reinforcing France’s role as a leading military power.

Success & limits

However, this operation has also highlighted the limits of the means available to French forces to carry out their mission. Indeed, Operation Sagittaire was conducted under difficult conditions, with a lack of equipment and logistics.

In spite of this, the French military have demonstrated an unfailing commitment to ensuring the safety of French and European nationals.

In conclusion, Operation Sagittaire in Sudan is an example of the commitment of French forces to ensure the security of their nationals abroad. However, this operation also highlights the limits of the means available to the French forces to carry out their mission.